i heard you're a player
so, let's play a game!

let's have sweet talk
let's play fight
let's talk 24/7
let's tell each others good morning and good night everyday
let's take walks together
let's give each other nicknames
let's hang out with each other's friends
let's go on dates
let's talk on the phone all night long
let's hold each other
let's kiss and hug
and whoever falls in love first?

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Darryl Nirjana said...

looks like an interesting game...

How if, both of them fall at the same time but they don't want to admit it? So who's the winner? =P

Jessica Kencana said...

no, love has a habit of showing feel. haha. in the end, sooner or later, we'll get the winner :D

Darryl Nirjana said...

kyknya pernah nonton drama ato sinetron kyk gini dan keduanya jatuh cinta, seru kyknya, wkwkw...

Jessica Kencana said...

hahhaa. ya emang biasanya pasti kya gitu sih.

Darryl Nirjana said...

hahaha... kalo gitu lain kali dibikin luar biasa, ada yg pura2 jatuh cinta, ntar yg 1 bunuh diri karena tau udah ditipu... *kejamnya dunia*

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