GOD took you :'(

i wish i still have a time to talk with you, my motivator, dad and bestfriend, mr. Yulius Mukin. i've known you since i was in high school. you're totally different with others teachers. you turned my heart delightful, ever made me believe that love does exist. you said about everything i confused. you motivated me as well. even thou when i was too much mellows in dawn when everybody just fell asleep. for every words you talked to me, you took me into your world. real world. that i don't have to be afraid cause God is real. and His love is endless. surely i believe. when i feel all alone in Bandung, you called me, ever gave me some texts of prays. you said God has His own way for me. just last week we met each other. i saw your face. at least for the last. you smiled at me. we're shaking hands. i do believe you're still alive even your body has vanished by the time. God took you cause he loves you. and i love you, still less than what God does. sleep well, pa.. will always love and pray for you. miss you already. miss all the memories. miss all your tricky words. miss your voice and smile. at least, i do buy your book today. every page i read, that's every second i'm sure you're still around. forever, you're irreplaceable. still, you're my motivator. thanks for the inspirations of life.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks of note for Mr Julius. . he is my best friend. . pray for him may God of love have mercy on him.. . Adam Mare. .

Jessica Kencana said...

hello Mr. Adam Mare. he's not just my best friend but also my motivator and daddy's figure. i believe, God loves him most :)

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