family, especially mom and dad, grandparents, i'm proud of you all. proudly says thanks for everything i've ever gotten til now since i was just a baby. thanks for the loves, prays,supports. thanks for everything. i feel so full of blessings for having you all in this life. and actually i'm not even a baby girl anymore. mostly people call me young lady. don't you feel that it's right to be proved? 
i know you're afraid cause now i'm no longer living here. i'm far away from home. being a stranger in my adventure. but i'm happy hey :) surely happy, really enjoy it. actually for this work, i love my work. i love writing, i love music, i love my life. and i still hate smoke. *i'm not writing that i hate smokers. no offense.
my life has just begun. out from this house, find my real me, realize of everything in front of me. future. i know what i wanna get in the future, and how to get it. you all don't have to worry. for my sister and brother, both of you still know what's my only dream, right? if God wants me to be something, then i'll be. it's all God's plans. 
for every 'gentle' men who ever caught my heart then put it away, i never hate you. despite the fact that you're all damn player, i still believe you all have a good heart. we're humans. we're searching for the best. while you couldn't ride the riddles, what will you do? give up. everyone will do it. but it's really not who i am.
end up, but not give up. for every breathe, for God's sake, i will never give up for everything if there's still times to make it true. finding love is like finding a formula in bible. waste your time. tiring. dying.
what for the next? 
hanging there for a future? maybe i get the answer. future is all that i have to release. being good engineer, writer, best daughter, sweet grand daughter, and lovely-irreplaceable wife for my husband and greatest mom for my children. 
so, there's no one has to be worry or thinking too much. i'm ready for this long journey. i'm completely strong enough for this adventure.

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Darryl Nirjana said...

Niceee... haha

Darryl Nirjana said...

maybe, the journey will full of obstacles but fight for it and reach the end of your journey, be strong and tough.. =)

Jessica Kencana said...

smile in obstacles. yes, be tough. thanks ko :D

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