HAPPY thingy!

for maybe six hours been here in this private lovely room with my kimpo *i mean my own laptop, i'm still wondering if i can really push away this laziness. i'm so in love with tumblr yet started from last night, and i reblogged many photos from people i've followed and got the enjoyment. such a lovely thingy to do. 

four days to go ..

most ppl will meet this on my twitter, or bbm's status.  and i, actually hardly can't wait until the date really comes. August, 6th. just for showing the world that i'm so a lady now. screw daddy's crybaby girl. problems come and go, and those were even killing me, but ya now on i really loose my tears. maybe i just don't have it anymore. 

cause i'm proudly saying that i'm HAPPY !
it's so over granted :)

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