finger crossed. 
if everyone says this is common story. so yes it is. and i do hate that fact. ///
gosh. what if i never have a good heart, and me, is just someone lost in human's world but actually i'm such vampire. it would be nice. nicer maybe. then what? maybe just maybe, ya okay noted. childish? not at all. i'm proud to say i'm maturer than before, this is the positive's side of being brokenhearted girl. only this. not say i'm not happy when everyone's happy thou. i'm just dying inside and out. really. it's risky.

lalala, i'm too much complain recently. trust me i hate of being such a fool, and fussy (complainer). crap. pff!
huh.. xxxx
apathetic. maybe you never know this, but sorry i hate this. like-so much hate! seriously.
so i'll find out about these immediately, and leave it if it's the best choice. leave it means leave you. read this, and remember that. and i'm still get my happiness in the end, with or without you ;)
for you, someone who intentionally makes me fly up high and drop me down so loud,,
i will never let you feel victorious. 

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botel said...

jedut, you're online? SKYPE!
i already heard what happened to you baby, teez told me yesterday. so it's just happening. hmm. leave it, honey! you deserve to get the best of the best, cause you're the best i've ever known. teez included :)
hey miss cheerful, i do really loose your smile huh? go go spirit! :*

Jessica Kencana said...

skype already! B)
you're my best too, baby botel :)
i'm writing this with a big big smile you know. bahahaha. just pray for the best ya!

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