today is finally be the day of what so called FAREWELL. there are two sides of feelings here. first one, i'm proud much of you dear Vinita Sutjipto, S.H. you're doing great in college and now you pass it well. for only 3 years and 2 months, quicker than ever i think. i wonder how my turn would be on 2014 :p
Vinita, knowing you is more than just blessing.. being your dorm-mate is a fine reality, but being your closer friend is really a GIFT. i'm happy for you, and always will.
but today you actually were leaving this dorm for good. back to your home where your belongs to be, and start your life all over again in a different way. you know what, i really cudn't even relieve this sad feeling. i want you to be here with us for much longer times :( 
Vin, thanks a lot for being my "mami" here. for giving your super spirit to do everything perfectly and teach me how to give 100% up for my goals. you're amazing, dear. 
hope this friendship would be everlasting and our togetherness would still remains for...forever? :))
i heart you.  

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