lately happiness

okay so i've done my final exams. byebye 2nd semester and welcoming my real holidays. many plans, but short time to make it all real. at least, i'm not only living in my home sweet home for these 3 free months. let's take long journey to another city or country. yet, lately i feel so happy. look like this happiness really comes around me. every  time. every day.
surely thanks GOD for it.
and so i know that i love bandung exactly, especially after i found my girls in this house. yes it's our home. we share everything, we ate anything LOL, and we were born for something. actually i faced so many problems, for many days, many times, pretended to be blind and deaf, met those sick people, haha it's so annoying. but, seriously it's fun!
that sadness and loneliness brought me here, just opened my eyes to see this whole family, i'm not all alone. for every viola's class, i enjoy it. for every design's jobs, thanks GOD i got this chance. for many people around, oh no i feel so full. it's all happy. i'm sure this is happiness. and there's no one could ruin this. 

lately, i'm so happy. i'm saying  good bye to my problems, and say hello to the world (again)
i love this life anyway

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