larger than words

every people has each problem. and to solve it, all we need is just to be mature. there's nothing we couldn't solve, cause God never gives us something we can't handle on. especially the girl who's writing this without light-hearted. gambling. i surely don't know what happened again. hell yeah, everyone hates me more and still i don't know why. if everyone thinks i wasn't doing some introspections, it's totally wrong.
i'm not perfect, but at least i'm kinda person who tries to do my best in everything. just hate me if you don't like me. but PLEASE don't act like elementary school's student who talks TOO much to everyone about person you don't like. cause i'll pity you so. maybe someday you'll understand what i mean. and one more, don't you remember who has disturbed my times to do so many assignments which i've done? ya once a cheater, will always be a cheater. lol. sorry if in that time when i need someone to help, you helped me. you're not my servant. i was proud to call you as my friend. but now, maybe we just have known each other. thanks totes. real thanks! 

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