me ! x)

wow! it's so terrific being just me.

i can eat many foods i want to, cause who'll become a fat one?

i can go to somewhere out there with my own money, cause who'll become a poor one?

if i'm lazy, i don't have to do my assignments, cause who'll become a stupid one?

so just as my parents said, an 18th years old lady isn't a child who has always been taught by for a thing she can choose by herself.

so, i love being just me, who can choose my own way to become a better me

my world's mine, my life's mine, my choice's absolutely mine.


*cause me is mine ..

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R.J said...

templatenya bagus jess :)
tap kao bisa entar tulisannya digedein jes font-nya.. abis kecil banget sih. hahaha

jessicakencana said...

heyya bet! sippo ;)
thanks untuk kritiknya, ntar kalo nge-post lg digedein dehh hihi :D

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