i ever learned about forgiveness. 
about how to forgive and appologize. yea actually in life, we'll meet both of them.
i am a fair person. it's not an arrogancy or whatever people may say if they read this, but it's so sure.
if i do any fault, i'll say sorry and yeah i'm not a God that could knew others minded. 
some fair play with me is just saying a thing which you don't like from me. but not act as a chicken backstabber.
haha. i really not appreciate it. sorry.
most of all, people may choose their own way to stand. about choosing friends and places they've been for.
and i'm kinda poor person lives gambling around me. 
here i say. my english's so bad, just as they said. 
maybe the readers of this blog sometimes wanna judge me about my english. or my followers on twitter wanna judge me too. maybe.
this is my world. so up to myself if i wanna write or post with english language.
if all people are starting to judge me, and maybe saying that i'm stupid or whatever, i'm ready for it.
so you don't have to disturb mine, cause i never care about yours.
yaaa. but actually i forgive you. and hope you did it too.
but if you don't, just hate me as you want, cause i never hate you.
i've never hated someone without any worth reasons. 
so, happy hating me :)
be free ! :D

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