i'm eighteen! :)

4th of November 2010

first of all, this special day is on thursday, meant it's laboratory's day. i had a practicum od gravimetric's analize and felt so lazy to face that my bday was on that day. i didn't sleep for whole night caused by my phone never stopped ringing and there were many surprises and greetings from jakarta. i came to laboratory with aje and felt so sleepy to be honest. i haven't studied yet for my test. errrrr~ when i just arrived, my classmates gave me bday's greetings as well. i was so happy indeed. gravimetric was so wasting our times. we had to wait the temperature of hidrogen which's combined with h2so4. it took almost one and quarter hours. after we finished that all, my boy-friends (samuel, obus, dio, and kevin) gave me cubic with a spiritus on it. that was my first candle of that day. great thanks boys! :) 

truth to be told, i waited if my parents could be there on my bday. but i got nothing caused by my father's works. okay then, i felt so bad cause my close friends in bandung didn't remember i thought. they didn't even giving bday's wishes. but almost 9 p.m, my super girls (feli, siska, feren, marlina and patrice) came to my room and sang great happy bday's song in front of my door. i opened the door and i got surprised! lol. nb: the cake was "martabak susun" with 18 candles on it! :D

i went with super girls to cawit after that just for treating them free dinner. liked a small celebration of mine. but then aje sent me a message like this "je, gue galau", whoo i felt so sad just by reading that one, than i replied "mau gue kesana je? tunggu ya", she said yes. it was almost 11 p.m. i walked to aje's room and knocked at the door. i heard she was crying in and said to me to come in. when i opened her door then there were sarah, oye, and aje. they wore halloween's costum and properties. aaaa love you bleeding (they were just three cause cheryl, bona and merly got sick. gws my dears)!

okay so now on, 4th of November was done. i was still on the phone with om until 2a.m on 5th of November. when i was just sleeping for a while, my door's knocked so hard. i felt so afraid. i didn't brave to come out. so i was just hide in my bedcover. i wanted to cry. but then i heard andria as my neighbour's room called rika's name as another friend of mine, so i felt braver to come out. when i opened my door, then they were there with an ice cake and one candle of it. kyaaaa! lately surprised but it was still so sweet. it might be lately cause andria has something to do in campus until 1.30 a.m. 

I felt so surprised and happy. really full of happiness. really out from sadness and be thankedful of these.
thanks friends :)
i love you all

j e s s i c a s v o i c e s

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