what makes me happy [?]

i've been tagged by Robert :)

There is rules, that is tag and link back to the person tagged you. And tell them 6 things makes you happy, then tag 6 blogger. Let them know they're tagged.

1. My beloved family :)
*i miss them everytime, and so that everytime i have a chance to see them i never wanna leave again. sigh

2. My super friends in Jakarta
*i miss them like crazy too. i'm so happy for having them and call them "friends" :)

3. My bleeding family in Bandung
*i love them in every way we turn. thought it like ehm family wannabe indeed :D

4. My piano and guitars
*yeah even i don't have them both here. 

5. Gerry chocolatos
*wuhuuuu. let's shrink the belly! UPS! does Gerry make my belly bigger? i d o n t c a r e :p

6. My stuffs
*my super friends ever are them. snoopy's and friends in my room ;)

hey, i tag everyone :D

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Erlia 馮婉婷 said...

haiii,, sorry for my late respond..
sure, we can exchange link.. already linked u up darl..
and if u dont mine, u can follow my blog ^^
thanks and keep update!!

jessicakencana said...

heyoo erlia :)
i've linked yours up girl ^^
biggie thanks, still blogging ;)

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