off to study

laziness please stay away cause it's dangerously. 
calculus and chems please come here and stay with me til this day ends. and lecturers, please give me an A for my IP ;(
honestly, i'm so not in the mood to study. yucks! i need some free times to rest, to play or maybe to hedon-ing with my friends. lol
wish my mom and dad come here this week. cause i really need them now. maybe it's true that i miss them for a bundance.
okay then see ya on the next posts, bloggies!


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R.J said...

uda lama ngga mampir ke tempat u. hahahaaha..
sangat setuju g sama u.. g juga butuuh liburan lagi. dan kalkulus emang mengerikan :(

jessicakencana said...

iyaaa. sangat!! apalagi chems nyaa bet :'(
semangattt yaaa bet :DD

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