morgan bloggies! :*
i just woke up about one hour ago and felt like nothing to do. useless morning. maybe i got an amnesia for a while cause if you're here, you'll see that there are so many tasks i haven't done. my report, jurnal, first task, calculus, aesthetic, etc etc.
tsk tsk, i feel like i was done with them,but i'm surely not. papers make my stomachache every i look up them. it's like they're laughing at me and want me to say hello with them everytime --"
chemical engineering makes me feel so different. it's called wierd but also cool :)
i'm proud to be part of this faculty and major. i love my friends, classmates, but very dislike some lecturers. hihiho. *sorry sorry to the max yeah mam and mister :D
and it's 8 am, means it's really morning. argh i hope the mid terms will end so fast, so i'll hit jakarta and have some holidays for real there. 


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