between only friend and true friend

omigi, i don't know where i want to start. about 5 days since last sunday, my life has felt so complicated. surely and seriously. yea, there was missunderstanding and misscomunications between me and friends. but actually we were done it and evertything was so clear i thought. but hell yeah, some girls made some sensations by wrote any-worst-words and sentences on twitter about me. don't ask me that i only assumed, but it's real me cause they put my full name on it. and yeah i surely didn't like and couldn't prove it as well.
our problem, i mean my problem with my friends was clear *cause i never though i had some problems with those unknown girls.. but then i read up sentence which i thought it's the worst ever. it's so so ergh, maybe a kid whom never even gotten be a student would never say that one. really un-educated --"
to reply it all, i tweeted once, like a single satire. and hell to the yeah, my friend mad at me cause that girl was his ex. then where's my fault? she insulted me more and more in twitter and i just replied it once! it's really unfair indeed.
but then I looked up cross Jesus statue on my desk. reminded me how sad he felt in getsemany, but he was forgiving. he's given us forgiveness. i thought i had to be like Him. so then i forgave my friend and those girls. but so sorry, i'm still only a human, and i have a limit of patience so maybe for yeah few days after this, i won't interest to see that boy. i just need to calm down and sooner will back to normally. 

dear you friend, you're my only friend..always :)

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