i really miss my musicales

wiithout me :'(

my sweet helen :*

i remember the songs we've sang together. i remember the days of our first recorded and shot. i remember our great rehearsel. i remember how we laughed and rocked each other. i remember too when we watched a movie together. when we had so many good times. from a single morning to another morning. we spent it guys. and i'll never forget it. i miss you all so much badly :'(
i wish we'll meet very very soon. we can share each other again and repeat all our songs together. i've lost my voice here. my voice is here but my heart is there with you.
keep singing guys, and make musicales succees. i'll give my pleasure smile and pray for every good thing you've done. for the bad thing, let's think it some experiences.
then what else, oh gosh i forget to say I LOVE YOU ALL ! :)

go..go..musicales :* 

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