emergency unit

thought something happened with my body. after i had trip to hell-wannabe on last sunday from depok to bandung *maybe later i'll share here, seriously it's the worst ever 
i felt like there's something wrong here. i got fever with high teperature, didn't have energy even a bit and pity me cause i didn't consume anything to eat for about 25 hours. from 11am until the next 12am.
if i ate something then it gotta out after it. seriously it made me felt useless. i was absents in to my classes and i just could slept alone in my boarding house. ergh hell yeah for 2 days, my friends and i of course had full classes. that's why i was here alone without them. but every hours they checked me. they are friends absolutely :)
then the day before yesterday was the worst. i couldn't survive-no more. so my friends brought me to the hospital and i was in emergency unit for a while. the doctor still couldn't prediction what's happening with my body cause he thought it was some complications here. uhh i hated it man -____-
then i had rests for 2 days and today i wanna back to campus life again. i feel better and i hope this body wants to give some spirits like my mind does. okay then, just it. just share and nothing special here. see ya !


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