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things which i will never forget. these are my orientation's stuffs in chemical engineering. i didn't sleep two nights off. feel so tired but happy too. now it's all over. finish :)
especially today was a big fun closing ceremony with some "thing" happened. 
after independence's day ceremonial then we continued our closing cermony of orientation. i wasn't feeling well i knew. but i wanted to join it so i didn't tell anyone about it. and when mental test were starting, something happened with my head. oh no i lost my body's control and fell. i just remember when i opened my eyes, my seniors got so much mad to my all friends in chemical engineering 2010 then my friends had to find every pieces of our logo cause my seniors cut our logo into 80 pieces. kyaaa looked like played hide and seek :p
my friends succeed and re-arranged them become our cool logo again. 
congratulations friends, and congratulations EDDA IN PANDORA's crew!

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