cause at that time when you asked me, "what's my fault?", you already got the answers by your own, darling.. 
but here I am, the imperfect girl that loves you so much, pushing my self not to rush everything again..
your past is yours to handle, but your future is us.
perhaps, and for at least.

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Anonymous said...

hey jess.. you are absolutely the nicest lady for a man to have.. it's cool how you're so much proud to your (not yet settled as) man.. hope that he's feeling the same way too for you.. you know, it takes too hard to accept someone's past, or even habitual. but you (especially on ur age now) show all the reader like me that you're mature enough to understand others, to give much responsibility and keep the tolerance lives to another.
i hope that if he's the best for you, he will do the very best on him for you like what you've already did for him.. ah one more, he's crazy for not seeing you as a perfect one. God bless you in all your way, kid! so, see ya on college!


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