My Vincentius

falling in love with someone you've ever called as best friend is really not an easy point.
for at least this is what i feel so much about.
i've finally called him as mine.

Vincentius Rahmat Djayni

we used to be best friend. 
working through together in Parahyangan Student Assembly, yet he's not only my friend but also my enemy in a same time. 
I'm happy to call him as My Vincent now.
i just can't realize it in times. 
me and vincent? oh my gosh. 
as i told ya, this relationship is not as same as a common love story. 
so much different that i was ever thinking before.
upside down.
but at least we try, and try little harder to fix this. 
what will come up next?
i don't know.
all i know is, i put his name on my pray every night.
and hope, 
as i want to, 
that he is only for me.

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