Ternyata aku cinta dan ku takutKehilangan dirimu yang ku kasihiTernyata kau pun mencintai akuLebih dari yang ku fikir sebelumnya
Melly Goeslaw-----

just after running through the midnight call with my kind of best friend, Vincent.i don't know what to feel right now. being together has become our routines since the day when we planned to meet on June, 3rd 2014.then we've been trough the same holiday but not literally in the same places, but with the same feelings i thought.just past two days without meeting like this could make me feel insane. and five minutes ago, when i just pushed myself to sleep, he was calling and answer that insanity. i'm shocked but i feel like there're so many butterflies in my tummy when he said he loves me. i know this could not be happened this time. not now. he is my best friend and i don't want to ruin it.but then i couldn't fall asleep anymore.he really is on my mind.how can i ignore someone i (maybe) love?is it true to ignore him?or is it true to fall in love again?or what?

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