this is not (again) about how the broken heart insist in my life. crossing fingers.

this is abut how i fall in love once with one of my best ever friend.
i don't say that broken heart would be so much easy to be healed, the feeling's still be missed even not for the person. sorry, i'm just saying the truth. and the truth says it all in time.
after almost two point five years relationship with somebody you just used to know, i'm just trying to see the meaning of love in other side.
you know, people come and people go. 
when in down, you know who your people are. 
i know, and try to appreciate it.
and love them even more. 

Thank you so much for these past journeys. 
I (still) appreciate it.
maybe the memories would still remain sometimes.
or someday i will forget some pieces. 
the point is, nothing useless.
we grew for something better, and just not being together.
Thank you so much.

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