homesick. like thousand times already i felt it (again). time does really flies but i haven't moved yet. still here, being freaky lady with her sticky life. yes i am. and i prove it as well. just randomly remember how i miss my families this week. and there's none of them which has a same feeling with me. plain. they're just forgetting me maybe for a while. it lil bit hurts, yes? 
but proudly saying thanks for my bob and his sister for these amazing two days. thanks a lot cici chrisna, you brought out my tears like really away! and also ele, little girl, i can't wait to hear you call me auntie :) 
God, thank you. thank you for giving me these lovely people around. i'm happy. really happy!

then just one lesson to learn this day. yes you want to get happy, so take risks and get a life! whatever you choose, it will bring you itself instead. love yourself, but for the most you have to love your life.

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